Mr. Bruce Johnson.
BSc, P.Ag., brings 25+ years of experience in vegetation management, government policy and environmental and reclamation processes to Salix. He is a professional agrologist, with specialized expertise in range management.

Ms. Stacy Lunde
has over 15 years direct experience in oilfield environmental and reclamation consulting as well as oilfield land work. She is a licensed Alberta land agent, and has considerable experience in government processes and reclamation management.


Environmental & Reclamation Consultants

Oil & Gas & Natural Resource Sectors

Business Overlook

Salix Resource Management is an environmental and reclamation consulting company serving the oil and gas and natural resource sectors throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Through the two principals in the company, Salix has over 30 years experience in direct oil and gas reclamation and environmental consulting as well as 30+ years experience in natural resource assessments, planning and reclamation.